Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello 2012 and a plethora of Vessel Victims

Happy New Year! It has been a long time since I have posted newly discovered Vessel Victims. Not to say, I haven't seen them. To start off 2012 with a bang, I give you a new collection of sadly named boats for your viewing pleasure and pain. Happy Sailing everyone, and keep your eyes out for your own Vessel Victims!

~Sailor Girl

No matter how many times I tried to pronounce this one, just comes across as...well... this referring to Bebe Rebozo, the longtime friend and confidant of President Nixon, or maybe Re - Bozo the clown? It's not good either way...

This falls in the "bad translation" category.

This one's more like "puns of a lesser god."

You know, I think nautical puns should be "ferbotten" for boatin'.


 This is just too wordy. The boat will have sunk by the time they finish the SOS call!

Knotty Luffer? You mean, Naughty Lover? Oh boy....

Again, same category...bad nautical puns...all I want to say is Not Tomorrow either!

 ...And some aren't.

Where's the litter?

 This is an example of King Nep-out of tune.

Maybe they should have stuck to the first thought.

Even changing the order wouldn't help this one.