Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dedicated to suffering marine vessels everywhere

Today is September 23, 2010 and the start of my new blog, Vessel Victims, dedicated to those once "happy go lucky" sailboats and powerboats that have somehow been named in a way that is totally humiliating. We've all seen them. The bad puns, bad spelling, the "what were you drinking when you picked that name" phenomenon maliciously adorning once beautiful and honorable nautical friends. On my travels, I have encountered far too many and now I want to share their sad plight with the world in hopes that perhaps the owners will notice their faux paus and change their ways (and names). In the days ahead, I will post photos of the unfortunate vessels that have fallen victim and I hope those who also enjoy spending time on the sea will send their photos to me so I can share them with the world at large.

Never lose hope, sweet ships. I appreciate you, even if your owners don't...yet! ;-)

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